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Our Story

Journey True North Ministries is a member of Azimuth Counseling and Therapeutic Services. At Journey True North Ministries we understand that life can feel overwhelming and even hopeless at times. Our experienced biblical navigators want to show you the compassion and care that Christ showed. When traditional counseling is primarily focused on symptom relief, it can fail long-term. Our sessions address deeply rooted issues and provide practical steps so you can see lasting change. The Bible leads us to the answers for life’s problems that we encounter in our walk with God.

For over 15 years the psychotherapy and wellness services of Azimuth Counseling has and will continue to offer an opportunity for healing through a holistic approach that respects both individual choice and Biblical principles. Azimuth has seen a dramatic increase in clients’ needs as they relate to anxiety, depression, family dysfunction, addiction, and destructive emotions and habits. Clearly, the Covid-19 pandemic has required all people to isolate and spend far more time in front of screens than in-person interactions. This reality has deprived us all vital personal connections. For many, a heart-wrenching life of feeling alone has only been exacerbated.


Journey True North Ministries is a resource to the entire community and provides guidance solely from a biblically based and Christ-centered perspective. We resist the tendency to view the current mental health crisis through merely a health care lens, but as an opportunity to share the love of Christ and plant seeds for the journey to reconciliation with Christ and true healing. Journey True North specializes in the following areas:

  • Christian pastoral counseling to deal with problems, overcome destructive emotions and habits; heal relationships and deal with past wounds.

  • Discipling aimed at giving clients life skills as they work toward embracing God’s vision and plan for their lives.

  • Spiritual Direction aimed at helping clients understand how to grow in Christlikeness and cultivate healthy lives and futures.

  • Marriage counseling and pre marriage counseling to help clients apply Christian relationship principles to strengthen their marriages.


At Journey True North we understand God’s interest in the lives of those facing problems is an inseparable part of ministering hope and healing through Jesus Christ. If there were ever a time for the Lord to show up it is when people are distracted and consumed by pain. Journey True North’s role is to reflect God’s glory and help them move from being painfully enslaved by their wounds to living with a commitment to God’s will and plan for their lives.

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